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Breaking Myths and Embracing Possibilities in the World of Strategic Thinking

In the realm of strategy, the intricacies of decision-making unfold, much like the artistry in a bustling kitchen. Just as a master chef orchestrates the perfect dish, strategists weave together a tapestry of choices to create remarkable outcomes. Team ADG attended the recently held ‘Flavors of Strategy’ event organized by the Account Planning Group of Canada (APG), a not-for-profit organization in Toronto, at Performance Art, where we delved into the rich landscape of strategy and unravelling the many misconceptions of strategic thinking.

These processes and layers of decisions to create the best dish encompass the essence of strategy, making every strategist a master chef in their own right, as highlighted by Min Ryuck, SVP of Strategy at Performance Art.

Strategy event
A diverse group of strategists collaboratively shaping the future of digital marketing at this year's Flavors of Strategy event organized by APG Canada.

For those who are aspiring digital strategists, Helen Androlia, Strategy Director at Momentum Worldwide and Instructor at Miami Ad School Toronto shattered common myths surrounding digital strategists. Here are some truths she unveiled:

Myth: Strategists work in isolation.

Truth: Strategists thrive within a collaborative ecosystem, integral to the bigger picture.

Myth: Deep technical knowledge is a must for strategists.

Truth: Understanding the workings trumps complex technicalities.

Myth: Strategists require complex skill sets.

Truth: Resourcefulness and adaptability pave the way to strategic success.

Min Ryuck emphasized the value of learning from real-life experiences and connecting with people on a deeper level. Drawing from her hands-on experience as a Media Planner, where she distributed flyers and developed brand communication, she gained invaluable insights. By infusing her strategies with the essence of human experience, she skillfully crafted an outstanding dish (Strategy) that led to resounding success. She added the spice of human experience to communication and created an excellent dish (Strategy) for a WIN.

  • Get the basics right

  • Make sure you don’t get comfortable in the process

  • Transform and not conform

  • Play + Experiment & have fun

Min reminded us that ‘We’re not in the business of science but in the art of business.’

Deanna Lambert, Design Lead at RBC explains Experience Strategy by questioning ‘How do humans do what they do?’ at each step of building strategy. Consumer journey mapping is of utmost emphasis as it is there, where breakthrough insights are produced. She gave an exemplary product example during her stint at Canadian Tire Corporation.

Speaker presentation on experience strategy
Deanna Lambert, Design Lead at RBC

Observations of human behavior in the process of testing is a skillset to be developed by an experienced strategist. And while an Experience Strategist would be less heard of, the scope lies in User Experience, Market Research, Designer, Product Developer, Communication Planner, etc, etc. Her career has thrived by designing a strategy for totally unknown territories, and the core of her Strategic mindset can be displayed by the Venn diagram that she shared.

Intersection of user needs, competitive space, and business goal when it comes to strategic planning.

The intersection of user needs, business goals, and competitive space represents a vital space, often referred to as your 'Master Chef Dish.' Within this realm, the practice of crafting effective communications for customers, employers, and stakeholders is known as 'community strategy.' Amanda Scriver, Associate Manager for Community Engagement at Klick, shed light on the diverse strategies required for different levels of conversation. As a Community Strategist, she emphasized the importance of staying attuned to trends while maintaining a holistic perspective. She shared an intriguing example of utilizing cat GIFs as part of a successful Community Management strategy, which effectively attracted and engaged customers for a client.

The practice of converting comments into a robust content strategy has emerged as a proven trend, yielding tangible results and driving increased conversions for numerous clients. To excel as a proficient Community Strategist, it is imperative to proactively seek out brand leaders, initiate meaningful conversations with them, remain vigilant by setting Google Alerts for emerging trends, and consistently foster engaging dialogue with and on behalf of the brand. These strategic actions are pivotal in cultivating a successful community strategy and achieving desired outcomes.

Such events are a great way to set a roadmap for aspirers and a successful way to get the industry together, especially after the pandemic. The team at Ace Digital Group aims at providing authentic experiences to our clients and team with a strategic no-fluff, hands-on approach. We pride ourselves on transparency and delivering strategy fuelled by data and creativity.

Join our team if you're a strategic thinker and love digital marketing!

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